About us

From our procurement office based in Hong Kong, we source products and services from fully audited Chinese and South East Asian manufacturers. We primarily source materials used in the manufacture of electronics based products, but virtually any product or service can be sourced.

We provide clients with a managed, direct ‘ upstream ‘ supply chain service,  not only to take advantage of the material cost down benefits available from offshore South East Asian supply, but to provide them with the added benefit of a secure and established service that minimizes the associated risks.

As with many businesses trading in South East Asia, Hong Kong’s location in Southern China is a key factor for our operation. It is bordered by the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone to the North with a total area of some 1,100 square kilometres. It is a few hours flight from major cities including Beijing, Shanghai, Tokyo, Seoul and Singapore.

Our Hong Kong location means that we are best placed to keep abreast of new and emerging manufacturing bases in the South East Asian Region that would benefit our supply chain. We have experience of suppliers not only in China, but also South Korea, Philippines, Malaysia and Thailand. In an ever changing global market, this flexibility means that we can offer a multitude of supply chain options to our customers.

Local presence is a key factor when dealing with the Region’s manufacturers. Our General Manager based in Hong Kong has many years experience in the EMS industry and has gained a great deal of local market knowledge, having lived and worked in the Region for the past 5 years.