How can I be sure of the quality of the supplier?

All our Asian suppliers have been carefully selected and subjected to a comprehensive visit report.  Customers are welcome to view the visit reports.  Our suppliers are all approved to internationally renowned standards as relevant to their aspect of manufacturing

i.e. ISO9001, ISO14001, TS16949, etc.

Are you using sales agents in Asia?

No.  We have directly signed up all our carefully selected suppliers.  We have direct contact with them and have built up strong relationships with them.

How do you overcome the language difficulties?

At EC we are proud of our multi-lingual staff.   We have staff who are native speakers in English, Mandarin and Cantonese.  This means there is no language barrier to our operation.

How will my goods be shipped?

The choice is yours.  We can ship directly via our freight companies, or you can choose for us to ship via the carrier of your choice.  We offer Air and Sea services, so you can choose which best suits your company in terms of cost and speed.

Is it possible for me to visit the factory where my goods will be made prior to placing an order?

Yes.  We can help organise customer visits to anyone of our factories and with many being geographically close to each other, you may be able to visit more than one, or indeed several in quite a short timescale.  We can help organise hotels, visas and transport and will accompany you on your visit.

I have an enquiry, but will the quantity be too small for Asian manufacturers?

Not necessarily.  Our supply chain has been designed to suit the UK and European market.  We specialise in medium volume enquiries.  If you are unsure, please give us a try and we will try our best to help.

What if I request samples first, prior to order placement?

No Problem.  Where possible, we will try and provide samples FOC.  Sometimes we charge the tooling only for PCB samples and we will always provide samples first for PCB Assemblies prior to full production.

What if my project is China Restricted?

We can still handle your enquiry.  Our influence throughout the region will ensure that we can still offer a solution and provide a quotation.

I’m concerned about data control?  How is this managed?

We take data control very seriously.  All our suppliers have signed NDA’s and all data we receive will go into our UK office first to be ‘sanitised’ before it is sent to Asia for quotation.  We place a high emphasis on data control.

Won’t the time difference effect when I can contact your company?

The simple answer is No. With offices in the UK and Asia, we have staff working around the clock to ensure you will be able to contact a member of EC staff 24hours a day.

I am interested in offshore manufacture but my product is only in design stage.  Can you help?

We can take on a project in the development stage and work closely with you throughout the product life cycle and our UK design department can help by offering expertise and advice to ensure the best solution for your project.